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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: My Blue by Emery Jacobs

Title: My Blue
Author: Emery Jacobs
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2019


For most of my life, Ella Blue had been by my side. My best friend. My whole world. Then she vanished. Without a trace. I didn’t know how to move on without her, but I knew in my heart I’d never let her go—I’d wait for her forever.

Ella Blue
For me, no time has passed. I have no clue what happened to the last eight years of my life.
I have no memories of a life without Leo. He’s always been my one constant. And now I’m stuck in the past, trying to figure out if we can find our way back to each other.
How can I move forward when I don’t know what I’m leaving behind?
Ella and Leo must rediscover their love—a once-in-a-lifetime love…for the second time.

Danielle's Review

Ella Blue & Leo Matson have loved each other for a long time. 
Sadly, on her seventeenth birthday her dad decided to be a huge dick and send her packing because he didn’t like Leo for her. 

Fast forward eight years and she’s back in town. 
Leo is completely unaware of her arrival and utterly shocked to see her. 
But then she disappears again and this time when she comes back she’s got no recollection of her time apart from him. 

While he’s trying to help her get her memories back, they (mainly him) are cautious to fall back into their old love, all the while hoping for her memories to come back but also scared of what they’ll learn. 

*This is a very sweet, easy read! I love their connection and the fact that there isn’t a crap ton of unnecessary drama! LOL

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Author Bio

Emery grew up in Southern Arkansas and has lived most of her adult life in Northern Louisiana. She spends her days working as a Nurse Practitioner in rural health and her nights reading, writing, and occasionally sleeping.
She loves real life romance…lots of angst and heartbreak, but always a happy ending.

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RELEASE BLITZ: My Brother's Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe

MBBBF - RB banner

One minute, I’m a woman trying to find her way in the world, and the next, I’m the sender of six of the most embarrassing text messages that have ever been sent in the history of time—or the cell phone.

My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend, a hilarious romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Max Monroe, is available now!


Mabel “Maybe” Willis died a virgin at the very young age of twenty-four.
She leaves behind her parents, Betty and Bruce, her brother, Evan, a laptop filled with one too many Jason Momoa memes, and a Kindle library with more books than one human being could ever finish in a lifetime.
Cause of death: a text message.

Okay. So, I didn’t die.
But I may as well have.

One minute, I’m a woman trying to find her way in the world, and the next, I’m the sender of six of the most embarrassing text messages that have ever been sent in the history of time—or the cell phone. Whatever.

We’re talking code red, send a flipping mayday, the apocalypse is coming kind of texts.
And I didn’t just send them to some random person I’ll never see again.
No. That would be too easy.
I sent them to Milo Ives.

The man who played a starring role in all of my teenage fantasies—and my brother’s lifelong best friend.
And, boy oh boy, has he grown up.
He’s hard-bodied, blue-eyed, jawline-of-stone handsome, crazy successful, and has more money in his bank account than my brain can fathom.

Deflower me, please? I said.

Yeah. Send help.

Download your copy today for only 99 CENTS or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
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Download your copy today or read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
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About Max Monroe:

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you sexy, laugh-out-loud reads.
Max Monroe is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of more than ten contemporary romance titles. Favorite writing partners and long time friends, Max and Monroe strive to live and write all the fun, sexy swoon so often missing from their Facebook newsfeed. Sarcastic by nature, their two writing souls feel like they’ve found their other half. This is their most favorite adventure thus far. ​

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COVER REVEAL: Smut University Series by Kahlen Aymes

Smut University by USA Today bestselling author Kahlen Aymes
A series or short reads, priced to own, but also in #KindleUnlimited!

BOOK 1 Available Now!

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
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BOOK 2 Releases 14th August 2019
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Jaxon Michaels is a New York Times bestseller many times over. Going against his father’s aspirations and seizing his own dreams, he is compelled to share his inspiration with other aspiring authors, and so teaches several writing classes at an Ivy League University. The most notable and popular The Art of Sex… in Writing; how to write realistic and superhot love scenes!  Jax is confident, gorgeous, rich, famous, oozing sexuality, and has his readers and students swooning.
Addison Tomms is a senior English and Creative Writing major at Columbia with high hopes of becoming published one day.  She’s already written a novel in secret and is anxious for her new professor’s opinion. Addy knows most people take his class to get off, but she’s interested in what she can learn from him.

From day one, Jax and Addy are drawn to each other, and their written words light the other on fire.   Desire explodes and gets out of control when the sexy professor yearns to help his brilliantly gifted student reach the height of publishing success, yet, can’t seem to keep his hands to himself.  It could mean trouble—on many levels—for them both.

Smut University is a super steamy roller coaster of emotion and sensual overload that’s gone off the rails where the line between love and lust become indistinguishable.  And, what happens when deception and jealousy threaten to destroy Jax and Addy’s very fragile and very hot relationship?  Can Addy trust Jax… and her heart?

This novella serial is true Kahlen Aymes from cover to cover: full of humor, heart, heat… and angst!  She’ll leave you gasping, panting, and crying for more.  You won’t want to miss a single page of this scorching, yet romantic story!  

#ProfessorPantyMelter & #StudentSexyPants won’t disappoint you.

Meet the Author

Kahlen is a USA Today Bestselling author, who writes sizzling hot, deeply moving romantic fiction in New Adult/Erotica/Adult Contemporary,  Her books have been on several bestseller lists including Amazon, Publisher's Weekly, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and USA Today.

While all of her stories are sensual, hot, full of love, romance and angst, readers should expect fresh plots, compelling characters and an abundance of steamy scenes on each series/story.  NO COOKIE-CUTTERS Allowed!

Creative by nature, she enjoys the arts, music & theater, loves reading romance, dystopian, and fantasy.  Her favorite things include music, dancing, cooking, animals, & long walks with her iPod, conjuring up her newest book boyfriend.  


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Falling With You by Carrie Ann Ryan

Title: Falling With You
Series: Fractured Connections #3
Author: Carrie Ann Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 16, 2019


The day I lost my best friend was the day I realized that I'd been living in the past. I've tried to find a way to heal, to mend that break. Somehow, I came through it partially whole. But I know I couldn't have done that without Aiden Connolly.
The problem is, he once loved my best friend. And now she's gone, and I refuse to be in that shadow, or worse, a replacement for someone we both loved.


I left them all behind.
My brother.
My family.
My best friend.
And her.
Only Sienna Knight doesn't realize what she means to me. But before I can make sure she knows, I need to figure out exactly what that is.

Danielle's Revew

Sierra & Aiden have been friends for a very long time. Both of them grew up with crushes on the other but neither knew it, then Aiden got with her best friend so Sierra hid her feelings. Fast forward many years later, they're now fighting their feelings in a different way.... with ANGST. They do the whole friendly bickering thing that everyone can see right through.

Eventually they'll find their way through the drama and embrace their new roles in each other’s lives...right?!

*This is my second Carrie Ann Ryan book and much like the first one, I struggled to love this story. I found it to have too much "fluff" the story dragged on it seemed.

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Coming Soon

Releasing January 28, 2020


Author Bio

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and young adult romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She started writing while in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn’t stopped since. Carrie Ann has written over seventy-five novels and novellas with more in the works. When she’s not losing herself in her emotional and action-packed worlds, she’s reading as much as she can while wrangling her clowder of cats who have more followers than she does.

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COVER REVEAL: Coached in Love by A.M. Williams

Title: Coached In Love
Author: A.M. Williams

99 cent Pre-Order Available!

Series: Boys of Summer; Prequel
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Hot men, baseball, and ... love?

Emma Carlisle never expected to find love in her workplace, and she did. But she sure did try and avoid it and him.

Chase Anderson has a chip on his shoulder and a need to prove he's still the best since the injury that took him off the pitcher's mound.

They both fight the attraction between them, neither wanting to give in to the inevitable. Will they allow themselves to drop the pretense?

Coached in Love is the prequel to A.M. Williams newest series, The Boys of Summer. It's a short introduction to the Somerville Spartans. If you like men in tight baseball pants, sizzling chemistry, and a happily every after, this is the book for you.

Follow the Author


About the Author

A.M. Williams is just a simple girl from the south that found herself abroad. When she's not annoying her cat or reading, she's spending time with her husband and traveling as much as possible. She has a serious case of wanderlust and wants to go as many places as possible while she can. She loves Cheerwine, sweet tea, and North Carolina (eastern style) BBQ as well as those crystal clear waters on the North Carolina coast.


RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW: Cupids Anonymous by Lila Monroe

Title: Cupids Anonymous
Author: Lila Monroe
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: July 16, 2019


Fall in love with the sizzling new romantic comedy - perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Christina Lauren!

Rule #1 Don’t get hit by your own arrow.

I’m a professional Cyrano - minus the honking great nose. Need a love note, raunchy sext, or apology letter so epic that your other half will forget you hesitated a beat too long when you asked, 'does this make me look fat?'? I’ve got you covered. But when my most frequent client, the annoyingly charming (or is that charmingly annoying?) Dylan Griffin comes to me with an unconventional new job, I discover that three little words can add up to one BIG complication…

Because Dylan doesn't want help seducing another swimsuit model (for once in his life). He wants my help winning over his high-school crush (aka, his one true love) - and he's prepared to make it worth my while. Throw in a summer Catskills trip that's equal parts 'Dirty Dancing' and dirty-talking, and this Cupid is soon out of her depth - and head over heels with the last man I expected. But can I find the right words when it comes to my own heart? Or will this happily ever end in disaster? 

Find out in the sparkling new romantic comedy from Lila Monroe!

Caroline's Review

A fun, amusing, low angst read! 

“Making out with Poppy seems like the most sensible decision I’ve made in years.”

Poppy Hathaway has a way with words that earns her money, but she’d like to move out of Starbucks and into a proper office. When her main client makes her an offer she can’t refuse, which will help to set her up, it’s almost a no-brainer. Unfortunately, those pesky lusty thoughts of hers keep messing with her determination to pull off this romantic coup. When their business relationship tips over the line into the personal, things start getting heaps more complicated.

“It looks like Prince Annoyingly Charming wasn’t always so smooth. Dammit, it turns out he has depth, as well as those dreamy blue eyes.”

Dylan Griffin is an unapologetic playboy. When the woman of his teenage dreams crosses his path, he needs Poppy’s help to win her. However, one drunken kiss with his wordsmith unleashes a desire that’s hard to put aside and has him questioning what and who he really wants. 

”Our eyes lock, and there it is again: a shot of pure desire, speeding through my bloodstream.”

Poppy and Dylan had an amazing connection and their chemistry was tense and sizzling. Poppy is funny and smart, and a bit of a klutzy disaster zone. LOL. Dylan is adorably bumbling when he’s outside of his suave comfort zone. This was a fab story full of humour, good feels, and sexy times.

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Author Bio

Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote The Billionaire Bargain. Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well-fitted suits nightly.

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