Saturday, 5 August 2017

REVIEW: Bound For Life by Alexis Abbott

Bound for Life (Bound to the Bad Boy, #1) by Alexis Abbott


I sacrificed everything for her. When I saved her from the mafia, I traded my freedom for hers. I’ve never regretted it. Never looked back. I cut her out of my life to keep her safe. She never even knew what I traded for her.

I did everything I could to protect her from the retribution of the Italian Mafia, but it wasn’t enough. They’re after her again, and all that’s standing between her and the darkest fate imaginable is me.


It’s scary the things you can close your eyes to. Even after I was rescued from men who wanted to do the worst things to me, I went on with my life. I forgot all about the threats of the mafia, about what they forced me to do, and even the man who saved me from them.

But now, my hero has returned, and just in a nick of time. Because the mafia is coming for me, and this time, I don’t know if we’re going to get out of this alive.

This is a full-length romantic suspense novel that is Part 1 in an exciting new trilogy by Alexis Abbott. Explicit language. Safe from cheating. 

Julie's Review

This is my debut with Alexis Abbott's work and flipping heck was an introduction.

As I'm sat here writing this, I'm firing on adrenaline. What a cliffhanger, but then being part 1 of a trilogy that should have been expected, although it was still a shock, and what a blinding start to a new series. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book in this Bound to the Bad Boy Series.

This was my second mafia-related book in as many days. I wasn't really sure if I would like mafia stories, but the two I have just read really adds a thrilling suspense to the romance genre. 

I really enjoyed meeting Serena and Bruno; their story has you so enthralled that you can't but help cheering them on to make it.

This certainly has suspense, drama, intrigue, love and passion - oh my the passion, it sizzles off the pages!

Bruno was a trained assassin, nothing fazed him, he gave 100% of himself with everything he did. Serena is one lucky lady - this needs to come with a Sizzling Fan Warning, they were so hot together!

We learn that Serena is mafia royalty, and has rival gangs after her, but she the protection offered by Bruno gives her an amazing strength to get on with her life, and with providing for her mamma.

This really is a gripping story, with family and love being at the forefront of everything.

I loved Rafalea, Serena's friend, they were very close, and when things got rough, they stood side by side together. 

The final couple of chapters had me tensed right up, until I finished! Only to come to a flipping cliffhanger! I hope I don't have too long to wait to find out how everything goes for Bruno and Serena. If I ever found myself in a terribly sticky situation, I can only hope I have someone like Bruno to come to my rescue.

A great page turner, keeping you totally invested in how everything opens out throughout the pages. You want to rush through it but, at the same time, don't want it to end, or miss anything.

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