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NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: Hedging His Bets by Laura Carter

Hedging His Bets (Brits in Manhattan #3)

by Laura Carter

A high-flying investor
New Yorker Jake Harrington loves a lot of things about living in London. His lucrative hedge fund job. The way British women melt at the sound of an American accent. His just-sex arrangement with his gorgeous roommate, Jess. And, oh yes, being thousands of miles away from the girl who betrayed him.

His sexy British flatmate
Jess’s deal with Jake suits her fine. No commitments, no risk of being hurt again, just friendship and mindblowing pleasure. And friends do each other favors, like agreeing to go on a trip to New York where Jake will have to face his past.

And a vacation that will change everything…
What friends shouldn’t do? Suddenly find themselves feeling something much more complicated than simple lust. When “no strings” is no longer enough, will Jake be willing to take the ultimate gamble? 

Caroline's Review


Totally loved this book! 

"There's never a question of whether one of us wants more. She's emotionally scarred and I'm too sensible to be burned by a woman again."

Jake and Jess are flatmates, best mates, and friends-with-sexy-benefits. They understand the rules and, so far, it's a fantastic arrangement. They adore each other, have the most awesome chemistry, and are in no danger of losing their hearts to one another. 

"Right now, I'm damn confused about where friendship stops and exclusive relationship begins."

When Jake has to go home and confront his past, he persuades Jess to come along for moral support. However, he wasn't prepared for his feelings to ambush him. His feelings about the past, the present, and the future. 

"If I wasn't too afraid to accept it, Jake, I'd say you'd be the best man I could ever ask to spend my life with."

Jess has lead a nomadic life from a young age. She has high walls around her heart. She's afraid to love; afraid to put her heart on the line. Jake is the best friend she's ever had and he anchors her more than she would probably admit. 

Jake and Jess were gorgeous together! I adored their friendship. I honestly don't know how they seriously kept the boundaries of friendship in place, in spite of their agreement. They obviously knew each so well and were so in sync with one another that they might as well have been a couple. Their chemistry and connection was hot and playful. 

They were both vulnerable and scared to lose the beautiful friendship that they'd built, but once Jake made up his mind that Jess was his future, I loved that he knew her well enough to manage his approach to her. He was careful but determined. 

It was also fun to see the rest of the gang! I love their dynamic and I loved Jake's relationship with his big brother, Drew. I'd love a story about Sarah - she's such a good friend to everyone, and so funny that I'd love to see her get her HEA.

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