Sunday, 20 May 2018

REVIEW: Wanted: Runaway Cowgirl by Brynn Paulin

Wanted: Runaway Cowgirl (Kindle Worlds Novella) 

Brynn Paulin


I was in love with him all my life. I thought we were best friends. I thought he loved me too. The day everything changed between us, I gave myself to him. I thought we’d finally be together. I was his and he was mine. Then I found out it was all a big joke. I meant nothing to him. Never had. That was the day I left Mason and stopped being silly little Jorie. No one would hurt me like that again. If I never set foot in Mason again, it would be a day too soon. 

But now my gran is dying and she wants me home. She’s the only one who ever really mattered to me. I can’t let her down. 

The question is: Do I confront the boy who crushed me or do I move on and pretend it never happened, that he meant nothing to me? 

Tough choice. He’s not hurting me again. 


I know what happened. Jorie heard something she shouldn’t have, but I’m not the jerk she thinks I am. She left, taking my heart with her. I tried, but I could never find her. Never heard another word from her. Apparently, I meant nothing to this girl. For five years, I’ve hurt and let bitterness settle in. I buried myself in saving my family’s dying ranch and forgetting her. Now, things are looking up and I’m finally ready to move on. 

But now, Jorie’s back and I’m torn: Do I make things right between us or do I keep moving on, forget our past and the first love who destroyed my heart? 

Tough choice. She’s not hurting me again.

Julie's Review 


YAY! Another quick visit to Mason. This was great, didn't realise I was missing 'The Wanted Gang' until I got to the parts where they were featured. Talk about misconstrued feelings.. but I agree things happen for a reason.

Really liked Nash and Jorie, they were great and what a naughty Grandma. I feel there is another story with Ryster and Missy - (hoping!)

The story was well developed and the friends were great. I loved how the story flowed, I like that you can start and finish one of these Kindle world stories, getting lost in their world for a couple of hours. Great epilogue, I wanted them to have their HEA

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