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REVIEW: Cocky Love by Faleena Hopkins

Cocky Love: Emma Cocker (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 11) by [Hopkins, Faleena]

Cocky Love: Emma Cocker (Cocker Brothers of  Atlanta #11 by Faleena Hopkins

This client wants to call me names? I've got a couple for him! 

My condescending female boss has thrown me a big money client 
I will earn her respect, maybe get out of debt 
The commission would be huge on a mansion like this 
But Tanner Hamilton is the biggest snob. 
Flat out calling me incapable? Too young? 
A waste of his time? 
I can’t believe I thought he was attractive! 
Now I’m stuck as his realtor 
But I’ll show him he can never do better than me… 

Can’t believe Cora sent me her underling 
A girl with too eager a smile to handle a man like me 
This ‘Emma’ took my berating like a champ 
Doesn’t mean I’ll make this easy on her 
You want to play with the big boys? 
No crying allowed... 

These steamy romance books are carefully written so that any novel in the series can be enjoyed first. 'Cocker Brothers of Atlanta' -- 6 Bad Boy Brothers in stand alone romance novels, and now their amazing kids grown up years later. 

Emma's love story is a full length HEA novel. She is the only daughter of Jake Cocker, Book 1, "Cocky Roomie" 

You can read her book first without spoiling an ounce of that story, as this takes place many years later. 

Caroline's Review

"His name is Tanner Hamilton, and after this, he won't know what hit him."

Emma Cocker is the apple of her father, Jake's eye - his Baby Love. She's been protected to the point of frustration but, nonetheless, has grown into a stubborn, smart and strong-willed woman. What she wants most is to find The One. She wants to feel that all-consuming love for someone. When she meets the arrogant, aloof, somewhat older, Tanner Hamilton, she can't decide if she wants to slap him or kiss him. 

"I want to get to know her better, because she's all I can think about and it's driving me insane. I think I could spend days, maybe years listening to her, laughing with her, looking into those eyes and drowning out the world."

Tanner Hamilton has only ever been focused on his business. A workaholic who's only interested in casual flings with older women. Emma takes him by surprise and he's not sure if he likes it or not, especially when he realises who she's related to. Her connection makes her forbidden fruit, but he can't keep away from her. 

"You're like breathing to me. I didn't realize my chest was tight until you walked out here and I inhaled."

LOVED Emma's story! She and Tanner were fiery and passionate. I loved their strength and their courage to be together in the face of her father's disapproval, even though it broke her heart. I loved how much light and levity Emma brought into Tanner's life. The two of them had great banter, peppered with sexual innuendo, and for someone who seemed a little bit remote to begin with, Tanner had ALL THE WORDS! Fab read! 

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