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REVIEW: Cocky Roommate by Claire Kingsley

Cocky Roommate by [Kingsley, Claire]

Cocky Roommate by Claire Kingsley

This roommate thing was a terrible idea.

Kendra is a messy-haired, pajama-pants-wearing little ball of sass. The first thing she does is try to make friends with my random from the night before—giving her all sorts of bad ideas.

I don’t date. I don’t use words like girlfriend, or I’ll text you later. F*ck that. Relationships aren’t for me. I’ll give a woman a night she won’t forget, but once it’s over, I’m out. 

I keep people at a distance, and I have my reasons. But Kendra starts getting under my skin. And when my life crashes and burns—literally—Kendra is the only person I can count on. 

I’m not built for relationships, and Kendra is not a one night stand. But living with this girl sleeping one room away might just be the thing that kills me. 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kendra Lawson left her job to freelance. With no regular income, she needs a roommate. When her brother offers her spare room to a work colleague, she’s relieved, only to find that her roommate is a guy, a hot guy - a hot, arrogant, unfriendly guy. 

“I have a feeling he’s not used to having people around who stick.”

Weston Reid is a taciturn loner, who prefers random hook-ups to relationships. There’s something about Kendra that gets under his skin – not in a good way. In spite of his downright rude ways, Kendra comes through for him, at a time he needs it most, and even though he resents it, things start to change very slowly between them, but Weston is not sure he likes how he feels – or the fact that he feels. Period.

I adored this book! It was full of tense attraction and the push-and-pull of desire. I loved how Kendra wormed her way into Weston’s heart, almost against his will, and the sexy scenes between them was hot and compelling. 

“I have to show Kendra that I’m not in this to get laid. This is so far beyond wanting her body – although, hell yes, I do want it. But I want so much more. I want her.”

Kendra has a big heart, a smart mouth, and great sense of humour. Weston’s cold demeanour hides a noble nature, but he has no idea how to be in a relationship. I loved how Kendra broke down his walls, and how possessive he was of her. It was gorgeous to see that he wanted to show her, rather than just tell her, that he wanted more from her than a fling.

This story was a great, well-paced, hot read. Thoroughly recommend. 

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