Friday, 1 June 2018

BLOG TOUR: The Forgotten Guide to Happiness by Sophie Jenkins

The Forgotten Guide to Happiness
A life-affirming debut, perfect for fans of Rowan Coleman and Lucy Diamond.

You can lose your memory, but you never forget how to love…
Lana Green has a talent for pushing people away. As a writer, she’s perfectly happy to be left alone with her books. But when she meets Jack Buchanan and Nancy Ellis Hall, Lana’s solitary life will change forever.

Nancy has dementia, and social services believe this makes her vulnerable. But Lana can see the funny, brilliant woman underneath the illness.

As Lana and Jack struggle to keep Nancy out of a care home, Lana starts to question everything she ever thought mattered.

Because what’s the point in stories, if there is no one to share them with?

Claire's Review ⭐⭐⭐

The Forgotten Guide to Happiness is an enjoyable and heartwarming novel about Lana Green, who is dumped by her boyfriend Mark and finds herself unable to afford to pay for the flat she is living in. She meets Jack and Nancy who turn things around for her. Jack becomes her pretend boyfriend to help her write her next book and she becomes Nancy carer as Nancy has dementia and moves in with her to prevent her moving into a care home.

This was a very touching and emotional story, with great characters, easy to read and a good storyline, however, I felt as if something was missing and I can't quite put my finger on what. This isn't your typical romance book and I'm not sure entirely how it missed the mark for me, don't get me wrong I did enjoy the story but it didn't grab me as much as certain other books. That said, I would still recommend it to others as just because it didn't pull me in as much as I would have liked, others may find it the opposite.

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