Saturday, 20 May 2017

NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: Sexsomnia by Anya Omah

Sexsomnia - Sleepless in Manhattan by Anya Omah

Jayden King is successful, charismatic, attractive—and bored to death. Especially of women, who fall at his feet by the dozens… eventually leaving him so indifferent to sex that he decides to say goodbye to the singles scene and focus all his energy on expanding his hotel empire. He’ll need a good assistant to help him, and Abigail Davis, fresh out of grad school, seems like the perfect fit for one of Manhattan’s most sought-after jobs. Until she suddenly withdraws her application.

When Jayden hears why, he can hardly believe his ears. No woman’s ever dared tell the millionaire bachelor what she really thinks of him… and Abigail isn’t one to mince words. Jayden’s not about to take no for an answer, and changing her mind is a challenge he can’t pass up. 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wow! I got this book off NetGalley because the cover and the title drew me, and then I thought the blurb sounded great. I've gotta say that this author was a great find!

“I often have people figured out after one sentence. Especially women – I can read them like open books. Abigail Davis, on the other hand, is a mystery to me. Totally different.”

Abigail Davis needs a job. On the morning of the interview for a very plum job, a series of mishaps has her turning up flustered and inappropriately dressed. When she encounters her prospective future boss in the lift, a few choice words between them has her storming off, determined not to bother with the job after all. She couldn’t work for such an insufferable jackass, even if he is sex on legs.

“You’re unpredictable, confident…” I continue, and then suddenly I realize that, more than anything, she’s a woman I could fall in love with.”

Jayden King is pretty jaded. He drowns the guilt and pain he carries around with alcohol, sex, work, and workouts. He barely sleeps. No one and nothing really distracts him from the endless treadmill he’s on. However, he is used to getting what he wants and Abigail Davis is what he wants – in his office and in his bed. He finds her sassiness and irreverent attitude towards him a breath of fresh air. She intrigues him, amuses him, frustrates him, and turns him the hell on. She affects him enough that he’s just about willing to do anything to have her.

Abigail suffers with a sleeping disorder – one that has affected her wellbeing and her love life. She’s taking drastic measures to understand her condition and appease her troubled mind. When Jayden has her vetted, he turns up this surprising and unusual fact about her, which leads him to make a somewhat unethical decision that could cost their budding relationship.

This was a FAB read! There was fantastic, hot chemistry between Jayden and Abby. They were strong characters with clear personalities. I loved how Abby kept Jayden on his toes with her strong will and her unpredictability. It was wonderful to watch him captivated by her, and how she made him feel alive, rather than just existing.

The subject matter was interesting. I’ve never heard of it and just thought that the book title was a clever title. LOL. The plot was great and I really enjoyed how the author incorporated Abby’s condition into.

I found this book pretty compelling and really sexy, with excellent dialogue between the two main characters. It was just my cup of tea!

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