Saturday, 10 June 2017

REVIEW: Edge of Chaos by Molly E. Lee

Edge of Chaos (Love on the Edge #1) by Molly E. Lee

Blake Caster has been in an emotionally abusive relationship with Justin for so long, she can’t tell what is normal anymore, and so she clings to the one thing that is solidly hers—her passion for extreme weather. 

Three years into her Meteorology degree, Blake meets professional storm chaser, Dash Lexington, who is as gorgeous as he is daring. Instantly recognizing her passion and skills in analyzing weather data, he makes a spot for her on his tight-knit storm chasing team. Dash and Blake form a fast friendship and it forces her to realize just how toxic her relationship with Justin is. She can’t deny the lightning-worthy chemistry she has with Dash or how her heart stalls every time he gets too close to a tornado.

With each chase and the cherished moments with Dash, Blake discovers her own self-worth and gains the strength to end things with Justin for good. But he won’t go easily. As Blake tries to sever ties with one man, she fears she’ll lose the other to his dangerous obsession—and she doesn't know if she’ll be enough to save him from the impending storm that could end them all. 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"True love is friendship set on fire."

Blake Caster has been stuck in a mentally abusive and controlling relationship for years. Too scared of the consequences if she leaves Justin, she sticks with him because of their history as childhood friends and sweethearts, as well as in the hopes that the old Justin will re-emerge.

When Dash Lexington appears in her orbit, she begins to see just how isolated her life has become, how much she has sacrificed for Justin, and how much more worthwhile her life could be.

"I want every piece of you, because I know who you are, and I've never loved anyone as intensely as I do you."

Gorgeous, caring, patient Dash absolutely stole my heart! He is such a swoonworthy guy. I just bashed my head constantly against my Kindle at Blake's dogged loyalty and blindness to Justin's true self. Dash was Blake's absolute match and soulmate. I loved them together.

This novel was a lovely read. The friendship and romance between Dash and Blake was a beautiful slow burn, as Blake throws off the shackles and comes into her own, with the excitement of storm chasing thrown in. Gorgeous!

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