Friday, 9 June 2017

REVIEW: Their Spoiled Brat by J.L. Beck

Their Spoiled Brat by J.L. Beck

We want someone we can call our own, someone that will be our Brat. 

Sharing is caring they say, or at least that’s what the Wright Twins say. Three's never a crowd when it comes to these brothers and when Stephanie Sander’s answers their AD on a dating website, they know they’ve hit the jackpot. 

Twin Alpha’s set on making every girl's fantasy my reality. Selling my virginity was never an option until it became the only thing I had left. In order to stay in school, I needed to come up with money, and a lot of it. One date with the Wright twins and I would be set for awhile, until I met them, and let them bring me back to their mansion for some drinks. 

One drink led to another and before I realized it they had me in their bed, whispering dirty words in my ear. They wanted to own me and make me theirs and the worst part was I wanted to let them. I wanted to be their spoiled Brat, who did all the dirty things they desired. 

There was only one pesky little problem, one thing that I failed to tell either of them: I was a virgin, and I wasn’t sure that either of them would still want me once they found out. 

-This is a STEAMY, I mean HOT, HOT, HOT M/F/M romance that ends in a HEA. This is SMUT all the way through. Pour yourself a drink, and shuck the panties to the floor because it's time to get dirty with the Wright brothers.

Julie's Review ⭐⭐⭐

(3.5 Stars)

Hot, sexy, quick read.

The Wright brothers and the ever so sweet Stephanie meet in strange circumstances.

Stephanie finds herself having to support herself through the last year at college, due to her father’s company being in rouble. Through her friend, Zoey, she joins a dating/escort site and goes on a dinner date.

Only her date is not one very strikingly handsome Adonis, it’s two - twins, Riley and Hawk - but you feel there is a connection, as all three hit it off really well. 

They all go back to the boys' place, with plenty of lust in their eyes. They had a fantastic relationship, feelings coming out of nowhere, totally surprising them all.

This is written in alternate points of view, and you get a greater understanding of each of them as individuals, as well as a threesome.

The boys, Riley and Hawk, lavish Stephanie with lots of affection, and I love that they have a very caring way about them.

What started out as purely business arrangements, soon becomes so much more - all three wanting more than just the week.

I loved their honesty through the whole book, and their bedroom scenes – flipping heck, I needed a cigarette afterwards! LOL

Loved the secret twist at the end, and how they all reacted and dealt with it.

Great quick, sexy hot read.

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