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NEW RELEASE & Review: The Cocky Senator's Daughter: Hannah by Faleena Hopkins


Cocky Senator’s Daughter: Hannah (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta, #8)

Cocky Senator’s Daughter: Hannah (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #8) by Faleena Hopkins


Every man I've dated in this city has either bored me or hurt me. 

When Sofia Sol, my crazy cousin, offers a ride on the back of her Harley with no destination in mind besides out-of-Atlanta, what do you think my answer is? I'll give you one guess.


Life doesn't ever hand you what you want. You have to take it. 

Two years ago I lost a fight that cost me my UFC Heavyweight Champion title and a lot more. Now's my chance to turn the tide. 

Florida doesn't give a damn what happens in any other state, so when I'm at the gym training and I spot Hannah Cocker, I don't know she's famous in Georgia and I don't care. All I'm thinking is, how can I make that beautiful woman's sadness disappear? 

I'm not good enough to be her forever...
but when I said I take what I want...that includes her.

***Contains a BONUS NOVEL of "Cocky Senator" for a limited time. Both are sizzling STAND ALONE contemporary romance, full-length novels that can EASILY be enjoyed in any order. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed, fun as hell, happily ever after! The bonus love story begins at approx. 50%.***

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Meet the Author

I write the kind of books I want to read, page turning, exciting escapes that lift the heart, melt it, and set it back down better than it was. Strong family ties are always in my stories - they would take a bullet for anyone in their family if needed. Loyalty is number one. Though some fall at times, they forgive and help each other get back up.

I'm also an actress and filmmaker, and will be directing my first feature film in 2017, acting in it and yes, I wrote it. The book will come out when the movie does, and I'm so excited to share it with you. The MEN have been acting in and directing their own projects for a long time (Woody Allen, Ben Stiller, Ed Burns, Ben Affleck, etc...), why can't I? I hope you'll be by my side. You can see some of my showbiz resume here:

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Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

One, I love the Cockers. Two, I wanna be a Cocker! Three, I LOVE the Cockers!

This is a great start to a new series about the next generation of the Cocker family, and they’re as loyal, funny, and gorgeous as the original six brothers. 

Kicking off this series is Hannah’s story, who is the illegitimate daughter of Justin from Cocky Senator. 

Although well-loved by her family, Hannah has always felt a little bit of an outsider. She joined the family amidst a furore of scandal and now, as an adult, tries to live her life out of the limelight, as much as possible.

“I’ve secretly wondered what it would feel like to be with a man who scared me a little because around him I felt out of control.”

When her love life disappoints her, yet again, she’s takes off on the open road with her free-spirited cousin, Sofia Sol, and meets Tobias Kyrkos, UFC fighter. 

“I’m lost. This woman is wrecking me. I don’t trust anyone but being with Hannah is how most people must feel with their families; like it’s home.”

Their initial attraction is strong but trust is a big issue for Hannah, and Tobias is very different to the type of guy she normally meets. He’s cocky, tough, and he seems to genuinely care for her and her well-being. Hannah is like a Nordic princess to Tobias – she looks untouchable. While her beauty dazzles him, her inherent sadness touches his heart.

"The sadness called to me...because I feel it in my bones, too. I recognized her troubled soul because mine is just as haunted."

I ADORED this story. It was as much an introduction to Hannah and her cousins, as well as the love story between her and Tobias. I loved the banter, the solidarity, and the strong familial connection between the cousins. 

I liked how Tobias understood Hannah and wanted to shelter her from further scandal, especially when a closely-guarded secret is exposed. Hannah is nearing 30 and is desperate for love and a family of her own, but trust is a major issue. When the chips are down, I loved how strong she was and what she was willing to do to live her life on her own terms. 

This story was a fun, humorous, sexy read! 

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  1. <3 Thank you so much, Caroline! So happy you enjoyed it, and I love the quotes you selected. Always fun to see what stands out to a person... xx, Faleena Hopkins