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NEW RELEASE & Review: Rough by Sybil Bartel

Rough (Thrust, #2)

Rough (Thrust #2) by Sybil Bartel


I’m not your boyfriend. I’m not the guy next door. I don’t even play nice.

My hands twisting in your hair, my whispered demand in your ear—I’m the fantasy you’ll wish you never had. 

When I’m through with you, every inch of your body will know where I’ve been. Your only thought will be the insatiable ache between your legs as my name drags across your lips. You won’t crave more, you’ll beg for it. Because I’m not just a cocky smile with military hardened muscles you paid five grand for—I’m the experience you’ll never forget. 

One night with me and you’ll know exactly why women pay me to be rough. 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gah! LOVED this book! It’s raw, compelling and insanely hot! 

“She was stunning. Young and pure and beautiful – I’d f*ck her up in ways she’d never imagined.”

Jared Brandt, ex-Marine, has spent the last three years as a male escort. He doesn’t really need the money but he enjoys the control, as he carries the emotional as well as the physical scars from his years in the military. He’s the epitome of dominant alpha. When he sets eyes on Sienna Montclair, she’s the picture of sweet innocence. He knows he should stay away from her but, to his fury, he finds her utterly irresistible and he’s powerfully drawn to her. She’s the opposite of everything he is and from the moment he meets her, he just wants to rough her up in all the best ways possible.

“Jared Brandt was complete emotional, sexual destruction. But I couldn’t get myself to walk away.”

Sienna Montclair, preacher’s daughter, is all alone in the world. After the break-up of what was essentially a non-relationship, she uses the escort service to grasp back some control in her life. When she meets Jared, she can see that he’s everything she isn’t. Her incredible attraction to him is offset by her fear of the man he is and what he could do to her heart. 

“I just want to breathe the same air as you.”

This book was a FABULOUS love story with a couple of plot twists along the way! 

Jared’s toughness against Sienna’s softness. His crudity versus her primness. They were opposites and their attraction was off the charts! I loved Jared’s intense reaction to her – how much he wanted her, knowing he wasn’t good enough for her. His pure need and lust for her were thrilling! She was also an unexpected punch to his heart. He seemed to spend a lot of the book angry, as he struggled so much with his feelings. I adored his possessiveness and his strong need to protect her. I loved how well he could read her and just KNEW her. 

“Every word he said was perfect. He was perfect. Perfectly broken and heroic and rough, and there wasn’t a single thing I would change about him.”

Initially, Sienna came across as a bit of a pushover. She’s a natural submissive, but she’s got some solid backbone underneath it all. Once she’d made up her mind about something, she was prepared to stick to her guns. She’s pretty strong and stoic, and we can see how her courage and determination grows in the novel. She was a balm to his soul and I loved how she made him smile.

I only recently discovered this author when I read Thrust (the first book in this series), and she’s fast becoming one of my favourites. Can’t wait to read more of her books. 

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