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NEW RELEASE & Review: Kept From You by Nashoda Rose

Kept from You (Tear Asunder, #4)

Kept From You (Tear Asunder #4) by Nashoda Rose

A sexy second-chance romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Nashoda Rose. 
Can be read as a standalone. 

A first kiss that changed everything.

Killian Kane. 

He was the most feared guy in high-school.

Guarded. Angry. A fighter.

But when I caught him watching me with his captivating green eyes I saw something more. Something protective and kind. 

He warned me to stay away from him. 

I did. 

Until I didn’t and he kissed me. A knee weakening, body tingling kiss that left me breathless. 
And scared the hell out of me.

And then… 

He warned me never to come near him again or next time he wouldn’t let me go.

That was eleven years ago.
We aren't teenagers anymore. He has probably forgotten me. 
He’s a famous rock star now. I’m a dance instructor with a broken dream and desperate for a job.

So, when we cross paths again I don't expect him to remember me.

He does.

And his warning eleven years ago? I'm about to find out exactly what that meant. 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Savvy had always had something in her that tamed the lightning ever since the first time I saw her.”

This novel was passionate, electric and erotic!

“Hearing her lyrical voice dripping like honey as she’d said my name was like the wall I’d put up around me splintered and lay at her feet.”

Killian ‘Kite’ Kane is something of a mystery. There is no shortage of women in his life, and rumours abound about his love of kink and piercings. However, no one really knows the real Kite – the real Killian, with his tragic past, except his closest friend, Logan/Sculpt. When a beautiful face from his past gatecrashes one of the band’s concerts, eleven-year-old feelings come flooding back, and he realises that now she’s found him, again, he cannot keep away from her.

“If you come near me again, next time I won’t let you go.”

He’d warned her when they were teenagers. Their connection is just as real as it had been back then. Savannah ‘ Savvy’ Grady, a dance teacher, desperately needs a job, after the messy break-up with her ex-boyfriend, who was also her boss. As a last ditch attempt at landing a dancing gig in an exclusive nightclub, she approaches Killian to put in a good word for her with the boss of the nightclub, as she knows they’re friends. However, Killian is against Savvy dancing at the club. That is, until he strikes a bargain with her. One month of fake-dating in exchange for dancing at the club. It was a win-win situation for Savvy, although she wasn’t sure quite what Killian would get out of the arrangement, as it was well-known he didn’t date and he didn’t have girlfriends. Unfortunately, those pesky feelings interfere and what should have been an easy month of fake-dating turns into something passionate, irresistible, and very real.

“It was dangerous, the way I felt about her. Powerful. Intense. Consuming. And yeah, it was obsessive.”

The chemistry between Killian and Savvy was electric! Killian is a complex man, carrying around haunting guilt, burning hatred, and undeniable love. He NEEDS Savvy in his life. He wanted her desperately – all of her. His orchid. “Exotic. Graceful. Beautiful and strong. And one of the most coveted plants.” – she was all these things to him. I loved how possessive and protective he was of her. Savvy has been independent for so long out of necessity. She saw beyond his anger to the real guy beneath – she saw his “good bits”. She needed him in her life just as much as he needed her. I loved how well she understood him, even though he kept himself closed off from her. 

“You’re going to kiss me, Savvy. And when you do, there’ll be no going back.”

God, this book was hot! The build-up to the main event was so sexy and erotic. And, the feels! Gah! I just loved Killian’s intensity where Savvy was concerned. 

Such a great book to round of the Tear Asunder series and I ADORED the ending! I understand there will be further novels based on side characters from the series and, honestly, can’t wait to read them! 

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