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NEW RELEASE & Review: Riot by Tillie Cole

Riot (Scarred Souls, #4)

Riot (Scarred Souls #4) by Tillie Cole

Stolen by the Arziani Georgian crime mob as a child, 152 was raised and conditioned to be a Mona - the most subservient of the Arziani Blood Pit slaves.

Gorgeous and kind, she has been and under the imprisoning influence of the Type B drug and under the command of the Blood Pit Master’s sister, Mistress Arziani, for most of her life, until the Master calls her back home to Georgia.

He wants her under his total control, and Master always gets what he wants.

But when 152 is gifted to the Blood Pit’s fearsome champion death match fighter as a prize, 152 suddenly finds out that the men who appear most brutal, may just own the kindest hearts. And love may be found, even when living in hell.

Freedom, family, love, 152 will have to fight for what she wants and ultimately make an impossible choice. 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Good Lord! I got this novel from NetGalley, having heard of the series but never read it, so I didn’t realise that it was, in fact, the finale to the series. It can be read as a standalone but probably best read in order, so I’ll definitely be backtracking to read the previous novels very soon.

This was an ABSOLUTELY THRILLING read!! It’s Spartacus and Gladiator (incidentally, one of my favourite films of all time) for the modern age. 

It’s brutal, harsh, and horrifically violent, but a true love story of forbidden passion! The wonders of first love and the tenderness juxtaposed next to the violence made it all stand out in stark relief. God, I just LOVED it!

“I owned this sand. 
I owned every soul freed in this ring.
“In the Blood Pit, I was god.”

901 is the Master’s champion - the famed Russian Pit Bull of the Arziani Blood Pit. Fierce, cold and unbeatable. He keeps himself closed off, aloof and uncaring. A warrior of warriors.

“I was a mona. A slave used for her body, to give males pleasure whenever they wished.”

152 is the Master’s new personal whore – the High Mona. Beautiful, submissive and coveted. A modern-day Helen of Troy.

“I do want you…but I just can’t let you have me…it’ll make me weak.”

The evil, despicable Master Arziani is determined to break 901’s defiance. When he sees 901 eyeing his new High Mona, he forces her presence on him. Locked together in a cell, and 152 injected with a drug that sends her libido soaring, and the only thing to alleviate the pain is the physical release of a male inside her. In spite of his jealousy and possessiveness over 152, Master is hell-bent on breaking his champion, finding his weakness so that he will bend to his will. What Master hadn’t counted on was the possibility that 152 might form an attachment for the champion.

Elsewhere in the world, plans are afoot to bring down Arziani’s blood-soaked empire and deliver freedom to those he has enslaved.

“You have made me feel, in here. You have made me want things I never dare let myself want. You have made me want to fight for survival, not pride. I no longer want to die on the pit’s sand, like a warrior. I no longer want to die at all…
You make me want to live.”

This was such an EXCITING read! It showcased all the feels – agony, fear, hate, fury, passion, love. The author really brought it all to life like an epic movie. I could feel the tension, the roar of the crowd, the gritty sand beneath my feet. It’s heart-pumping stuff! Then you have the romance. Two people who have been conditioned as slaves since children, constantly drugged, not knowing what that funny feeling they get in their chests is.They had been exposed to so much brutality and cruelty that any kindness or happiness is completely alien to them. I adored their tender words to each other and the absolute wonder of finding beauty in the ugly prison of their lives. A Top Read 2017.

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