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Spotlight: Nikki Ashton

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This funny and charming romance that tells the story of three twenty-something friends and how they cope with the trials and tribulations of life; always finding comfort and loyalty in each other. 

Charlotte is scatty and engaging and after having her heart broken 3 years earlier by cheating, Capri driving, Grant she's now looking for love again believing that finding Prince Charming will make her life complete; but is the arrogant but frustratingly sexy Irishman, Niall Devine, that man?

Bets is the glamorous good-time girl and beauty salon owner who secretly yearns to settle down. She is the life and soul of the party with plenty of notches on her bedpost but since flirting with hunky Stuart all summer she wonders if he may be the one that she finally commits to.

Kerry, of the impressive cleavage, is the only of the trio to be married and a mother. She should feel satisfied and content but feels like she's missing out and losing her identity. Suddenly she's turned in to the bitch from hell, alienating all those around her, including Charlotte, Bets and her devoted husband, Kelvin.

This is a charming story focussing on friendship and love, but exploring some difficult and sensitive issues in its course. It has humour and wry observations and some surprises along the way. It will make you laugh out loud, smile, cry and desperate to turn every page.

Lucy Meadows is heartbroken, her husband has left her for his surgically enhanced colleague, and she's spent two weeks in bed wearing a bobble hat - both Lucy, and her life stink!

Finally, she's persuaded to go and stay with her dad for a while, and things suddenly start to improve, with a lot of help from the gorgeous Dr Ed Bryce. There is an instant attraction, and Lucy has to make some crucial decisions. Is it too soon to embark on another relationship, or should she simply have sex with Ed and then move on? However, life and love actually aren't that simple.

‘No Bra Required’ is a humorous, romantic love story that will play at your heart strings, have you rooting for Lucy and wishing you had a man like Ed!

Molly Pearson doesn't have children, but as the Player Liaison Manager for a premiership football club, she does have twenty-two professional footballers and one jealous fiancé to take care of - which as far as she can see is quite similar. With having to deal with problems from players buying zoo animals as pets, to losing their false teeth and a whole lot more, Molly can't wait for the season to end. But, her life becomes even more complicated, when the man who broke her heart six years earlier, comes back into her life. Hail the returning hero, Joe Bennett, now one of the best footballers in the world and the club's most expensive signing. Every woman wants him, every man wants to be him, and he's returned for one reason only - he wants Molly back.

With engaging characters, Get Your Kit Off, is a humorous, yet sometimes sad romance depicting the difficulty in always doing the right thing, especially when love is involved.

Please note there are some mild sex scenes and bad language

Martha Bright is a feisty, stubborn, single mother who has just landed herself a job. While becoming housekeeper for the new owner of the ‘Big House’ in the Cheshire village where she lives, isn’t her dream job, it will do for now. However, there is one major problem with it. Her boss isn’t the woman who interviewed her, but Luke Mahoney, lead singer of the band Dirty Riches. The man who Martha lusted after years before, when they went to school together, and the man who is so hot that it petrifies her.

Luke is arrogant and sexy and finds it highly amusing that his flirting embarrasses Martha, but at the same time he’s intrigued by her. She’s feisty, stubborn and gorgeous and Luke finds himself wanting to spend more and more time with her. So, despite a shaky start involving a naked Luke and a mortified Martha, they start to grow closer and their friendship starts to develop into something more. But then everything changes with the arrival of Luke’s gorgeous model girlfriend, Rachel. Luke’s sudden change in attitude towards Martha, hurts her and she realises that he’s just a typical egotistical, rock star and will never be anything more than her boss.

Pretty soon though, with the help of his bandmates, Luke realises that Martha is the right woman for him and sets about repairing their relationship. But, with Luke keeping a huge secret and Rachel determined to hold onto him, will he ever manage to prove to Martha that he’s the right man for her. If he does, will he be able to keep the woman he actually loves or will Rachel get her way?

Rock Stars Don’t Like Big Knickers, is full of humour, romance and secrets and will have you hooked with every turn of the page. Add in a strong, sexy woman, some hot band members and a Sex God of Rock and what more could you want to curl up on the sofa with – apart from your own Luke Mahoney.

This book includes some mild sex scenes and moderately bad language.

Amber Mahoney works for her cousin, Luke, and his band Dirty Riches. Jake Hughes is their Lead Guitarist, and he irritates Amber more than anyone she's ever met before. Jake, however, thinks that Amber is sexy but scary. Now they've got to share a house for six weeks - what could possibly go wrong?

Catch up with the characters from Rock Stars Don't Like Big Knickers, in this heart warming, romance that will make you giggle and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Please note that there are some mild sex scenes and bad language in this book

PLEASE NOTE: This book contains some mild sex scenes and moderately bad language.

Cheese Tarts and Fluffy Socks: Complex, Enthralling Romance Novel Proves Sex & Work is a Cocktail Best Left Unshaken

The most recent in a long line of celebrated romance novels from Nikki Ashton, ‘Cheese Tarts and Fluffy Socks’ zeroes in on a steamy one-night stand that, unknown to either party, is about to kick-off a working relationship that is far more than awkward. A hotel badly in need of investment, a young entrepreneur has been sent in to decide if it’s a good investment, but the daughter of the owner is…well…you get the picture.

Darrington Hall hotel is barely keeping afloat, and it's up to Holly Jenkins to save it. Jumping from one crisis to another, dealing with an errant father, irate guests and enduring some highly charged professional differences with the man that Holly can't get out of her head, and it looks certain that she will fail.

Against the backdrop of a crumbling hotel, Cheese Tarts and Fluffy socks is a great read with funny and witty dialogue. Interspersed with some dramatic moments is a complex, fun and sexy love story that will make you smile and give you a warm glow.

The Dirty Riches boys are back to entertain!

Tom Davies is the final member of the band to settle down, or so everyone thinks. What they don't know is that Tom has been having a relationship with Jake's sister, Abbie, for the past year, and things are getting serious between them. There's just one obstacle on the road to their happiness - Jake!

With one secret affair, one unwelcome Santa suit, five excitable children, four foul-mouthed band members and two days to organise a party for hundreds of people, Christmas is certainly going to be interesting for the Dirty Riches boys and their families this year! 

Full of fun, banter and hot rock stars, this is a story that you have to read.

Rock Stars Do Like Christmas Stockings is a 32 thousand word novella and is the final instalment of the Dirty Riches series.

This novella is recommended for age 18 and over, as there are some sex scenes and bad language.

Summer James has suffered a devastating change to her life, one that could shape her future. To make matters worse, she now has a new boss. Not such a major problem, you might think, but not when that boss is Roman Hepburn: rude, grouchy and impatient, with a damn fine ass!

Summer’s feelings for the dark, brooding Roman soon change and it becomes evident that some highly-charged sexual tension has been bubbling under the surface when Roman makes it clear that he intends to make Summer his.

Will Roman succeed in getting his girl, and, if he does, will he succeed in keeping her? Or will circumstances, and Roman's hilariously strange, but loveable, family, send Summer tottering for the hills on her six-inch heels?

This is a sexy, fun romance filled with laugh out loud moments. Full of broody men, feisty women, quirky characters and gorgeous shoes—you won't be disappointed.

This book contains some sex scenes and bad language

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