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Review: Cowboys & Virgins - Complete Bundle by Alexa Riley

Cowboys & Virgins - Complete Bundle

The title says it all! This bundle includes dirty alpha cowboys, innocent virgins ready to ride, and lots of ridiculous steam to heat up those sweet country nights. 

We’ve packaged Lassoing the Virgin Mail-Order Bride, Branding the Virgin, Roping the Virgin, The Wanted Virgin, and The Virgin Cowboy all in one! 

If you’ve never saddled up with our boys in Texas, now is your chance! They’re hot, dirty, and wear tight jeans. What’s not to love? 

Warning: This bundle doesn’t contain any new material, but it does contain a whole lot of sassy heroines with lots of curves! Get all of our cowboy books in one stop, and binge read your old favorites. Happy trails! 

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What a fab collection of short stories from the dynamic duo! Chock-full of insta-love, hot naughtiness, virgin heroes and heroines, and swoony moments! 

Lassoing the Virgin Mail Order Bride (originally read and reviewed March 2016) 5 *

"Knowing I'm her first, and her last, makes my inner caveman roar with pride."

This author is fast becoming my favourite for some sweet but hot, quick reads. You know exactly what you’re getting. It’s a bit like eating sorbet between courses! A feel-good read between the angsty stuff.

Cash has been so busy running his ranch since his parents died that he hasn’t had time for love or romance. His house needs to be a home, so he decides to get himself a mail-order bride without knowing what she looks like.

Clare has no family and misses the country after living in the city for a few years to care for her dying mother. She’s pragmatic about life and feels like this is her chance to fit in somewhere. The fact that her husband looks rather handsome in his photo is a bonus.

The minute Cash lays eyes on Clare, he’s a goner. His caveman tendencies roar to life and there’s no way he’s letting her go. 

This was a charming and sweet but really sexy read. I loved it! Cash and Clare are crying out for love and they are adorable as a couple. A fab feel-good read between the angsty stuff.

Branding The Virgin 5* 

Talk about insta-love! 

“Not only did I feel my c*ck get hard for the first time since I can remember, but something in my chest tightened when I looked at her. Something I’d never felt settled in me and it’s got my mind going crazy.”

Mary-Jane AKA MJ desperately wanted a family of her own. So she decides to get artificially inseminated at a sperm bank, however, a mix-up is made and she ends up pregnant with Ty Jenning’s baby. 

Ty had his sperm frozen when he was in a bull-riding accident, which has left him sexually unable to perform. However, one touch of MJ’s hand in his, and he finds his libido and all his organs functioning perfectly. 

MJ is at his ranch under the guise of an employee and Ty doesn’t know that he’s soon to become a father. However, all these details are beside the point when chemistry and love at first sight take centre stage. 

This story was ridiculously swoonilicious! LOL. I needed this naughty cupcake of a story after a strict diet of ARCs, and it delivered in spades!

Roping the Virgin 4*

“She’s the one. We aren’t together and I’m already lost for her, thinking how I’d never let her get away from me. She might not know it yet, but she’s mine and there is no way in hell I’m ever letting her go.”

Blake Jennings is obsessed with Luciana, however, he can’t seem to get his act together whenever he sees her in town, and she doesn’t seem to want to give him the time the day. When his sister-in-law comes up with the perfect plan to get Luciana in Blake’s sphere, he grabs it with both hands.

Luciana is a vet and wants to work with big animals. When opportunity knocks, she’s eager to take it. However, she didn’t realise she would be living and working with the handsome cowboy with the steel-blue eyes. 

This was a cute, hot story and I loved the theme of family and togetherness running throughout. 

The Wanted Virgin 4*

Ooh, for a loner, Trace Jennings is one filthy-talking cowboy!

“I just knew from the moment I found her she was mine.”

When Trace Jennings finds an unconscious girl in his field, she looks like an angel that’s just fallen out of the sky. He feels a possessiveness toward her that overtakes everything. When he realises that she’s in trouble of some kind, he’s willing to do anything he can to keep her safe.

Addison has run away from a controlling father. When she comes to in Trace’s arms, she can’t explain the safeness she feels with him.

Hiding away in Trace’s isolated home, the two fall in love and discover unexplored passion together.

Another, super hot story. This was insta-love and desire at crazy levels, and hero to rival Captain Caveman! Super fun!

The Virgin Cowboy 4*

“Oh, Dolly is about to get what she’s been asking for all these years. The floodgates are open, and nothing will stop me from having her now. Not even her.”

Brandon hasn’t wanted anyone but Dolly since he met her when she was just 16. In spite of the ten-year age gap, they made a real connection but, because of it, he keeps his distance. However, as the years pass, the sassy firecracker’s flirty comments and overtures make it more and more difficult for him to maintain his distance, until finally he decides he’s had enough.

Dolly’s been madly in love with Brandon since she met him. Now she’s nearly 21 and he still thinks he’s too old for her. Well, she’s had enough of waiting and she’s determined to get her cowboy, but she doesn’t want to be a quick fling – she wants forever.

Fun, sexy, signature Alexa Riley! 

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