Monday, 27 March 2017

Review: Unworthy by Cassia Brightmore


Irrelevant. Insignificant. Inconsequential.

Three pointed words designed to break down a person’s self-confidence. To strip away any sense of worth until all that’s left is a shell of the person they wish to be. Sometimes, courage comes in the form of enduring endless pain and suffering; sometimes, bravery can blind you from the truth.

What would you do if you were trapped? Unable to break free of the bindings of shame and rejection? For Maisie Pierce, finding herself in a world that has done nothing but betray her has proved almost impossible. 

Until him.

Ridge Buchanan doesn’t have time for love or any kind of a committed relationship. With putting everything he has into making his private security business a success, finding a woman is the last thing he wants or needs.

Until her.

Two broken souls not searching for each other. A lost woman desperate to escape the constraints of her past. A bitter man resigned to living a life of empty one-night stands and meaningless connections. A volatile, dark cloud looming over both of them. 

When faced with a chance at happiness after a life filled with disappointments, can they be the beacon of hope each other needs? Or are they destined to forever live a life of misery and regret?

Warning: Contains graphic and violent situations that may cause triggers. Recommended for readers 18 or older. 

Julie's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐

What can I say! That had me totally gripped, wanting to finish but not wanting the book to end. I do believe I just popped my Cassia Brightmore cherry.

Maisie is one very tough strong lady, how she got through half of that I'll never know, she may have came off weak when she didn't stand up to Brant, believing she deserved what was happening. She was really lucky to have found or been found by her adoptive parents, and them her, all their kindness, and unconditional love still did not stop her from feeling unworthy.

I adored Blake, her sister, whilst a bit on the wild side, she did love her. And Greer, so funny and sweet with Maisie.

I can't even begin to imagine how Maisie felt, we read some truly heart-wrenchingly sad scenes, and thankfully also experienced some of Maisie's best bits.

Finally going to meet her birth mother, certainly had Maisie questioning herself, but her good heart didn't feel any remorse towards her. She was ready to forgive her birth mother and hopefully move on with her new life with Ridge.

Fate certainly had other ideas. OMG I was shocked! BUT Maisie showed her true strength and did what she had to do to get through it. When Brant opened the door, for some odd reason, I was thinking of a whole different ending. 

The epilogue confused me, I think I might have missed something. It certainly left a whole other area to explain, one maybe where Maisie is very happy living out her HEA, and that Ridge looks deep into his own heart, seeing that True Love really does win..... 

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