Wednesday, 5 April 2017

NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: Book Boyfriend by Claire Kingsley

Book Boyfriend

Book Boyfriend by Claire Kingsley

He's too hot for words.


Alex Lawson might as well be the hottest book boyfriend imaginable. A fun, romantic, possessive, panty-melting man. And the best part?

He’s real.

For a girl like me—a slightly awkward book addict—Alex is a dream come true, straight off the pages of my favorite romance novels. But our story is turning into a whirlwind romance—the kind that only exists in books.

And I wonder if we’re heading toward our own happily ever after, or if he’s too good to be true.


Here’s the thing. I’m not a bad guy. Lying to Mia wasn’t part of the plan. Finding success as a romance author using a female pen name wasn’t part of the plan either. But sometimes life takes unexpected turns. Like realizing the woman you’re falling for is your alter-ego’s online best friend.
Online, she thinks I’m a woman named Lexi. In person, she knows I’m all man. I want to worship her body and claim every inch of her.

But if she finds out the truth, I could lose everything.

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Gah! I adored this cute, sexy romance! It has all the ingredients that appeal to a romance book lover.

“He’s a walking dream.”

Mia is an introverted, awkward, clumsy bookworm, who runs a popular book blog. She’s become good friends with Lexi Logan, a successful though anonymous romance author, and they spend a lot of time messaging each other. Her love life is a disaster, and her sister thinks that all the romance books she reads has made her set the bar too high for potential boyfriends to reach.

“Mia is so…alive. And she doesn’t seem to realize how beautiful she is.”

Alex always wanted to write sci-fi novels. However, an idea from his sister has him writing a successful romance novel and his career completely takes off from there – under the guise of Lexi Logan. It’s key that no one finds out his secret identity as his income helps with all his father’s medical bills. He has a great online friendship with the book blogger, Bookworm Babe AKA BB, and they talk about pretty much everything.

When Mia and Alex literally bump into each at the local bookstore, Alex is completely charmed by her. However, when he puts two and two together, and tries to do the right thing, destiny has a way of pushing them together, and he finds himself stuck with his deception, whilst falling totally in love with the woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, Mia just cannot believe that this gorgeous hunk of man seems to be straight out of a book. He seems perfect. And, he seems to get her and accept her in all her awkward, clumsy glory, and makes her feeling beautiful.

“She’s like the best book ever written.”

I just loved these two! I loved watching them fall in love. Mia is funny and adorable. Alex is just so yummy! I was absolutely hooked by their connection and sexy chemistry. Alex brought out the little sex kitten in Mia, and made her feel like a goddess. And, let me tell you, Alex in intense, possessive mode is massively swoony!! Finally, there’s a particular paragraph near the end (I desperately want to quote the whole thing but I don't want to spoil it for you!) where he makes an analogy between Mia and a book, and it’s just freakin' PERFECT! 

Thoroughly recommend this fun, gorgeous read! 

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