Tuesday, 18 April 2017

REVIEW: Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee

Where Good Girls Go To Die (Good Girls, #1)

Where Good Girls Go To Die by Holly Renee

It was a bad idea from the beginning. 

He was my brother's best friend and the definition of unavailable. 

But I didn't care. 

I had loved him for as long as I could remember. 

He was worth the risk. He was worth everything. 

But then he broke my heart as easily as I fell for him. He watched me fall, spiraling out of control, and as I reached for him, he wasn't there to catch me. 

So I ran. 

Four years later, I never expected to see him again. 

He was still my brother's best friend, and he was more unavailable than ever. 

He looked every bit the bad boy I knew he was, covered in tattoos and a crooked smile. 

Guarding my heart from him was top priority because Parker James was where good girls go to die. 

Unfortunately for him, I wasn't a good girl anymore.

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Wow! Just finished this fab, ansty, super sexy book!

“She was fierce, she was crazy, she was funny, but most of all, she was unpredictable….She was chaos and madness, her heart never sitting still for long, and when I was with her, everything crumbled away and I felt like I was home.”

Liv is definitely NOT living the dream. She’s been away from home for four years, having failed at college, she’s now working as a stripper in a high-end club. However, her past rises up to bite her when the bachelor party she’s dancing for turns out to include her brother, Mason, and his best friend, Parker – the guy who broke her heart and sent her running. He’s also the groom.

“…you, Parker James, are where good girls go to die.”

Parker has never forgotten his Livy but she ran away from him four years ago. In that time, he found someone new to love – the complete opposite of him – but Emily was safe, sweet, and calm. Not like the firecracker who broke his heart.

This was SUCH a great, addictive read! Told in dual POV and moving between the present and the past, Liv and Parker’s story is pitted with lies, secrets, misunderstandings, heartbreak, and a fierce, possessive, all-consuming love. They both carry around so much hurt and anger, but when circumstances find them working in close proximity, their sizzling sexual attraction is difficult to ignore. Their desire is so compelling and so right! 

Liv hides so much of her softness under a façade of bravado and toughness, but she can’t afford to let her guard down, no matter how painfully tough it is to hide how she truly feels. Parker might look like a tattooed bad boy on the outside but he’s just as vulnerable and fearful of rejection under the surface. I was cheering them on to be upfront, honest and brave with each other, and for them to fight for their future. 

“Love is a word that is too weak and used too often to describe what I feel for you. It’s relentless and desperate, and every time you smile I fall harder and harder.” 
That right there. Swoon! 

This was a well-written book, well-paced, with a great balance of story and steamy action. LOVED it! 

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