Saturday, 8 April 2017

REVIEW: Race to Tebow by V A Dold

Race to Tebow (Hell Yeah!)

Race to Tebow by V.A. Dold

Bullets are flying, and Sheena Savoy is running out of places to hide. 
In the wrong place at the wrong time, her boss wants her silenced-permanently. 
The only upside is the sexy protection she’s been assigned. 

Bastien Benoit, a no-nonsense, by the rules WITSEC Marshal, has never wavered. That is until Sheena Savoy. The sexy, courageous woman who makes him feel things he has no business feeling for a witness under his protection. 

There’s a mole at WITSEC, and the only person standing between Sheena and a bullet is Marshall Benoit. 

Forced on the run, Marshall Benoit knows of one place to hide where the Syndicate won’t find them. 

Can they make it to Tebow Ranch in Time? 

Julie's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I've loved reading VA Dold's books since I met her at a signing in Houston in 2015 when she gave me Cade, and first introduced me to sexy shifters - the first in the Le Beau Series.

I'm not a big paranormal fan, and whilst the Le Beau series has wolf shifters, there is nothing paranormal about VA Dold's stories. 

This story about Sheena and Bast is not any different. There is excitement, terror, fear, love and a strong family bond.

Sheena witnesses a dreadful horror, and is then hunted by the perpetrator. He wants her out of the picture. Thankfully, Sheena runs into a hunk of a man, who is a Marshall and picks up on keywords as Sheena explains what and who she saw.

She becomes under attack, then she meets Bast Benoit, who is given the task to protect her, as she will be needed as the key witness in the impending case. This is not smooth sailing, as there are men coming after her left and right! 

Bast and Sheena, although thrown together, soon begin to try and deny their feelings for each other. 

There was an instant attraction; they have a slow burning relationship.

I really enjoyed watching them interact with each other, but also how Sheena interacted with Bast's men. They were not who they seemed to be. It was also great that we get a cameo from Cade and Stefan Le Beau. 

I loved how Bast's true friends went above and beyond to ensure Sheena's safety. 

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