Thursday, 6 April 2017

NEW RELEASE & REVIEW: Untouchable by Isabel Love

Untouchable (Unexpected Love, #1)

Untouchable by Isabel Love

Monica Morgan is off limits. One-hundred percent untouchable.

Too bad I didn't know that when we first met.
We were just two strangers in a club, drawn together by chemistry.
Hot, SIZZLING chemistry.

Imagine my surprise when I discover that she's my new boss.
And now that we work together, she's determined to keep it professional.

My problem? I can't forget the night we met.
That searing kiss. The way she felt in my hands.

I find myself willing to break the rules to get closer to her.
Though she tries to fight it, I know she feels it, too. This pull.

It's all in the way she fidgets whenever I'm around.
It's all in those lingering, hungry looks she casts my way when she thinks no one is watching.

Despite the risk to my job that comes with pursuing her, I can't seem to stay away from her.
I want to forget about the rules and make her mine.

Warning: This book is recommended for readers over 18 years of age.

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What a FABULOUS debut! I am in love with this story! It sucked me in right from the hot, sexy start! 

“I feel…alive. Surrounded by this strong man, in his arms, practically fused to his mouth, I feel…safe. Electric and desired.”

Dr Monica Morgan is an uptight workaholic. At 32, she’s the youngest director at the hospital. She can’t afford to step out of line and give all the old boys at the hospital a reason to frown down on her. To let her hair down and blow off some steam, she goes to a nightclub two towns over and lets loose. And, oh boy! Does she ever!

“I’m so attracted to this woman, I tend to go from zero to I-need-to-get-inside-you in five seconds flat.”

Max Spencer is as sexy as sin. The minute he spots Monica dancing in the nightclub, he wants her. Things on the dance floor escalate beyond what either expects and, in a moment of panic, the beautiful stranger disappears on him before he can even get her name. When Max starts his new job as a male nurse at the hospital, his new boss is very, very familiar. And, very, very untouchable!

“I can’t fight the pull anymore. I want Monica Morgan. Staying away from her and denying my feelings is not working.”

This novel was hot, super sexy, and absolutely loaded with charged, sexual tension.

Max is a solid guy. He’s gorgeous, thoughtful, and responsible. At 25, he’s worked hard to support his family and advance his own career. The lust and chemistry between him and Monica is palpable and, oh so irresistible! The tension between them was fairly buzzing. Monica has a lot of hang-ups but Max makes her feel like no other. Super sexy story with a touch of angst, as the two overcome obstacles to be together. 

I loved the writing style and found the book addictive reading. I adored the ending! Can’t wait to read her next book. Thoroughly recommend! 

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