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REVIEW: Rediscovering Peace by Steffy Rogers

Rediscovering Peace (Military Love Book 1)

Rediscovering Peace (Military Love Vol.1) by Steffy Rogers

What do you do when your world comes crashing down on you?

Skye Donovan has spent her whole life moving with her parents from one duty station to another. Each time has forced her to say goodbye more times than she can count. When her dad finally retires from the U.S. Army and they settle down in Savannah GA, she finds herself in the strong arms of Oliver Nelson. Skye finally has it all - a loving fiancé, the career of her dreams and friends she can always count on. But one day everything changes.

After all that she has been through, will Skye be able to pick up the pieces and open up her heart again?

Braden Parker has spent eight long years getting over the one that got away. Even being engaged to another woman couldn't keep the thoughts of Skye at bay. Just when he thought he will never see her again, fate brings her back into his life, but she is broken.

Now that he has found her again can he convince her that their love is worth fighting for and that they can face their demons together?

Julie's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Great story, totally invested in the characters immediately. I loved how strong Skye is, with everything thrown at her, she dusts herself down and gets on with life. She might have some odd coping mechanisms, but what a survivor.

I really liked Oliver when we first met him, but even Skye had an odd feeling. She did, however, give herself over. Even when she was being told it’s not going to work out for them, she dug in deeper and made things work.

When he cheated, of course she was heartbroken, but did she really have much of a choice but to move on with her life.

I absolutely loved her roommates. Caige and Faith were the bestest friends to have in your time of need; they were all harbouring a saddened past, but they did somehow manage to work through each other’s quirks. 

Then we meet Braden, what an upstanding fine figure of a man, hankering after a lost love, yet he also carried on and lived his life. I liked that we had Caige as a common denominator between Skye and Braden. They could have met years prior, and maybe she might have been spared the hurt she had from Oliver, but it would not have made her feel and realise her feelings for him. They were high school sweethearts, who met when their parents were both stationed together. They formed a friendship, which grew into love. Friends to lovers can be all encompassing and last forever, or maybe fizzle out. I’m glad their feelings were all encompassing, and that Braden was a fighter.

Braden and Skye’s love jumped off the page at you whilst you are reading their story. You get all the emotions along with them, go through the feels as they do. And, oh boy, their sexy times. Did I miss the free fans when I got this book??

I’ve not experienced PTSD, and have not experienced anyone with it either, unless of course they have kept it well hidden. It’s a tough subject matter to have had to write about, and interweave it into this great story, but the author did a great job. I wanted to get inside my kindle and give our deserving hugs. I really enjoyed going through all of Skye and Braden's ups and downs, and went through a myriad of emotions whilst reading. Loved the epilogue and can’t wait to dive right into the next book. 

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