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NEW RELEASE & Review: The Mistakes by Elizabeth Brown

The Mistakes (Off-Limits, #3)

The Mistakes (Off-Limits #3) by Elizabeth Brown

It started as a promise.
A momentary lapse in sanity had me agreeing to two months of celibacy. 
Then Mark Bishop showed up. My new boss was cocky, possessive, and unfortunately, sexy as hell. 
My first mistake?
Thinking I would last two months.

The Mistakes - A Sexy Office Romance
Book III in the Off-Limits Series - Winnie and Mark's story.
Dual POV. A standalone. 

Warning: This story contains mature humor, a lot of cursing, and of course, sexual situations. It’s intended for adult readers who enjoy that kind of thing.

Caroline's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thoroughly enjoyed this story!

“I’d have one last good f*ck with this green-eyed god and then I’d go on a sex sabbatical.”

Winnie Masters, in spite of coming from a wealthy family, is independently looking after her younger sister, Lucy, who has Downs Syndrome, after their flaky mother took off. She refuses any financial help from her family and, therefore, when she loses her job at the library, she begrudgingly accepts a secretarial role at her grandfather’s law firm. However, on her first day, she finds that her boss is none other than the one-night stand from her best friend’s recent wedding. The guy she wasn’t supposed to hook up with, as she’d made a vow to abstain from casual sex for two months. He was supposed to be her last fling before her sexual moratorium.

Mark Bishop knew next to nothing about the mysterious woman he hooked up with at this friend’s wedding. She disappeared the next morning without a trace, although he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her. Imagine his shock when she turns out to be his new assistant. Unfortunately, they get off on the wrong foot, but it doesn’t stop seem to dampen their mutual attraction.

“Everything next happened in a fast blur. My blood was pumping through me. This woman drove me crazy, and she’d manged to get under my skin. My mouth was on hers, my tongue pushing past the seam of her lips, claiming what I’d been lusting for.”

This was a humorous, sexy, sweet story. Winnie has quite the promiscuous sex life but she devotes all her time to working and looking after her sister, so she has little time to invest in committed relationships. However, Mark is beyond hot and the sexual chemistry between them is utterly irresistible. Mark had been trying to keep his distance from his new assistant – especially as there is a non-fraternisation policy at his work, as well as the fact that she is his boss’ grand-daughter. However, their prickly interactions turn them both on so much that before long, they’re conducting a full-blown affair in his office. The desire between them was palpable – they could barely keep their hands off each other! 

“But eventually, and I’m not sure exactly when, everything changed.”

Slowly, slowly their interactions start seeping out into their private lives and, before they know it, they’re pretty much dating and falling in love, even though Winnie continuously tries to deny that anything is really happening between them. Unfortunately, when Winnie gets a nasty wake-up call, she is shamed into shutting Mark out, until another life-changing wake-up call has him back in her life again, and navigating the tentative waters of friendship and possibly more.

Mark is so gorgeous, thoughtful, and unbelievably patient. I loved him! Winnie was so scared of becoming like her mother that she felt shamed by her relatives into giving Mark up. She was so afraid of love and commitment, and it took her a long time to see the truth right in front of her eyes. 

I thought this was a really fun, pretty hot read! 

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