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REVIEW: Uncovering Peace by Steffy Rogers

Uncovering Peace (Military Love Vol. 2)

Uncovering Peace (Military Love Vol.2) by Steffy Rogers

Just one more cut. Just one more drop. 

Faith Livingston has only ever known pain. With a past that she tries to keep hidden, she has a hard time trusting or loving anybody. That is until she meets Seth Jacobs. But after sharing one night together, he walks away from her. She tucks her feelings for him away but soon realizes he is all she ever wanted. 

There's just one tiny problem. He's married. 

Seth Jacobs has been unhappily married for five years but guilt forces him to stay with Krystal. 
When Faith steps into his life, his world is turned upside down and though he knows he can't have her, thoughts of her consume him. 

Will true love find its way to them? Will they withstand the trials throws at them? Or will they realize that sometimes love just isn't enough? 

Julie's Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wow, emotional roller coaster! I felt all of it with Faith - the butterflies, the anger, the angst, the love, the friendship, her anxiety about her parents. My eyes have been soggy pretty much the entire time.

I loved Faith from Braden and Skye’s book and what a story she had to tell. I admired her strength and courage, she was relentless in accepting her fate, and I was cross a time or two when she thought that she deserved everything that was happening.

I loved that we saw more of Caige and got to know Aunt Martha a little more. Lovely people, and I feel we will get to know them even more in Caige’s book.

Braden and Skye’s story must have been a toughie to write, but I can’t even begin to imagine where the inspiration for Faith’s story came from. The author did a fantastic job, bringing the characters to life, taking us on a life-altering journey with them. 

I am glad that Seth was a fighter, and sad that Faith had to go through so much heartache to find her Prince Charming, but they were both truly lovely people and deserved to find their happiness. 

I read this in one sitting, after attempting to read Caige’s story, but decided that I did need to read it in sync, even though I was told they could be read as standalone, I feel I got more out of the story by reading in order. I can’t wait to dive into Caige’s book now, although I feel I am going to be needing a box of Kleenex. I just could not put this down, the hurt and suffering was tough to get through, but so pleased with the ending, with them both reconnecting with family and getting closure.

A beautiful, heartfelt, heart-wrenching story, full of love, hope and promise with two great people finding each other and helping each other through the hell they called life. 

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