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REVIEW: The Hearts Series by L.H. Cosway


I’m a MASSIVE fan of The Hearts Series. I’m a MASSIVE fan of LH Cosway! I might even have embarrassed myself by throwing myself at her when I went to my first book signing, last June! LOL

This box set includes the first four books in the series, plus a novella. I’ve also included a review of the fifth book, Thief of Hearts, at the end. The retail price of this box set is an absolute bargain, so please don’t miss out on it. Well worth one-clicking and buying them as a set. These were all 5-star reads for me! ~ Caroline

The Hearts Series

Thief of Hearts

The Hearts Series by L.H. Cosway

Get the first four books in L.H. Cosway’s Hearts series, plus BRAND NEW bonus novella, Cross My Heart. From quirky heroines to heartthrob heroes and exhilarating plot lines, The Hearts Series is a collection of interconnected standalone novels that will have you glued to the pages. Click on each title for Goodreads blurb. 

The Hearts Boxset Bundle includes:
Six of Hearts (book #1)
Hearts of Fire (book #2)
King of Hearts (book #3)
Hearts of Blue (book #4)
Cross My Heart (bonus novella #5.75)

Cross My Heart Blurb:

Iris Garrigan has nothing.

Well, that’s not entirely true. She has her trusty Doc Martin boots. She has her Bowie obsession. And she has the stray cat that sneaks into her bed and keeps her company at night – it’s a quid pro quo relationship. The cat gets a warm body and she gets something alive beside her when she would otherwise be alone.

She also has a job. Sure, washing dishes hardly has her rolling in dough, but with no permanent abode it’s the best she can do. She knows her new boss only lets her work in his restaurant out of pity, but she isn’t above cashing in on a little human compassion if it means she can survive to live another day.

Everything is going fine until Liam Cross starts to take notice of her, poking his newly minted police badge where it doesn’t belong. And if he doesn’t quit soon her not so legal living situation could find her in hot waters. Little does she know, Liam isn’t just being nosy, he’s trying to help. Iris has no idea that he’s been watching her for months, and that he’s completely enamoured with her strange and peculiar ways.

When Liam discovers her secret Iris has two options: stay and face the music or run for the hills.

***Cross My Heart is a contemporary romance novella and tells the story of the youngest Cross brother, Liam Cross.***


SIX OF HEARTS #1 (reviewed April 2016)

“I want epic love, like you see in the movies. I want it so desperately that it fills my heart when I even think about the possibility of it.”

Oh, this novel was a breath of fresh air!

Jay is an illusionist. He’s been defamed in a newspaper article by a shark of a reporter. He turns up at Matilda’s father’s practice to hire him for his lawsuit.

Matilda never has any luck in the romance department and gets flustered when talking to a good-looking guy. Jay is beyond gorgeous. He has charisma and presence in spades. From the moment Jay meets Matilda, he seems to be taken with her, flirting at every opportunity, and making her feel beautiful and desirable. Although, there were times when she questioned his desire as he seemed to blow hot and cold.

Somehow, he ends up being their lodger, while he tries to persuade her father to take on his case. Living in close proximity helps them grow closer – Jay is helpful and protective of her. However, Matilda finds him not only tight-lipped about his magic tricks, but also about his past and his current activities, which appear shady on the surface.

I loved the writing style and the plot was fantastic. I enjoyed Matilda’s funny internal monologue, which was self-deprecating and a little sarcastic. The witty banter between her and Jay made me laugh out loud! The heated sexual tension between them gave me butterflies. Matilda has such a negative self-image that it was so swoony to see how much Jay desired her. Such a great book and currently free. What an absolute bargain! Snap it up!!!

HEARTS OF FIRE #2 (reviewed April 2016)

“Just before he left, he kissed the shell of my ear and murmured, ‘You have never been invisible to me, flower. You’re all I see.’”

This is only the second novel by this author that I’ve read and I absolutely adore her writing style. She’s witty and compelling with complex heroes, and sweet but strong heroines.

Jack McCabe is Jay Fields’ (Six of Hearts) long-lost brother. Jack is a thrilling fire-eater. But, for as many thrills as he gives the audience, he is just as closed off to people in the real world.

Lille Baker lives under her domineering mother’s thumb. She longs to escape her small Irish town, follow her passion for painting, and find new adventures. The owner of the travelling circus offers her a way to escape her stifling life.

Lille was fascinated by Jack from the moment she sees him. He is taciturn and mysterious. He tries to dissuade her from joining them but this opportunity is too good to turn down, and she sneaks out of her home to join the nomadic group.

I loved the first book about charismatic, charming Jay. Jack is opposite in character. His upbringing has shaped his nature, his character, and his dark tastes. Innocent Lille draws him in – her beauty, her openness, her kindness, and her beautiful skin.

I found this novel incredibly erotic, wonderfully colourful, and just so gripping! Jack and Lille’s relationship is a slow burn but it’s fireworks when they eventually come together. I adored Jack’s emotional intensity, and Lille’s sweetness and bravery.

Gah! Loved, loved, loved it!

KING OF HEARTS #3 (reviewed April 2016)

“Sometimes we see someone and they just suit us. They’re beautiful to us in every way. You’re that person to me.”

I can’t get enough of this author! Just finished the third novel in this AMAZING series.

Oliver King is on top of the world. Rich, gorgeous, confident, up for any challenge, very direct. He selects Alexis for an interview, in spite of her inexperience, based on her looks alone.

Alexis, ex-barmaid, but smart and extremely capable, went back to college to get her diploma, and now applying for a high-end administrative position as King’s assistant. Their attraction is instant but a little white lie told by Alexis in a moment of panic keeps King firmly in the friend zone.

King is insanely attracted to Alexis, but keeps his distance until a photo shoot puts them at close quarters, and he realises that Alexis is just as in lust with him.

For all his success, King is a bit of a mystery that Alexis slowly begins to unravel. At the same time, the two grow closer until King disappears out of her life after a god-awful tragedy.

Six years later, Alexis receives a letter from a stranger. King is back in town. But, he’s nothing like the King of old. He’s a broken man, living rough and off the grid with the travelling circus. He has no idea about what he actually left behind, and that everything he believed to be true is not the reality.

This story was just as fantastic as the previous two novels. This author just grips me from the start and holds me in thrall until the very final words. I adored the epilogue (the only section told from King’s POV). Gah! I love her writing!! The story, the characters, the chemistry and sexual passion, the dialogue – everything about this story (and her other stories) blend together to make for brilliant storytelling!

HEARTS OF BLUE #4 (reviewed May 2016)

“The thin blue line would always lie between us, with me on the side of order and him on the side of chaos.”

I’ve got such a girl-crush on this author! Her awesome writing talent really speaks to me. She grips me from the beginning and I just get caught in the spell of her words.

Karla is a copper. She walks a straight line. She upholds the law. She stands up for those in need.

Lee is a criminal. He walks a shady path – a path he was forced to choose to provide for his brothers and cousin. He stands up for his family.

There was a spark between them from the moment they met. Karla tried to ignore him but Lee was persistent, cheeky and charming. Circumstances kept throwing them together, until Karla couldn’t resist anymore.

“There was no game. I’d fallen for him, plain and simple, and I’d never be the same again.”

As the story develops, there is a constant push and pull between them, as Lee goes about his business and Karla tries to do her job. Their hearts are put on the line, Karla’s job is at risk, and hard decisions have to be made.

I felt so invested in these star-crossed lovers. Karla is a strong, independent woman and a good police officer. She’s constantly pushing against her stern father’s sexism, but she’s willing to stand by her beliefs. Lee is a caregiver and provider. He’s not the eldest but he’s definitely the smartest in his family. His feelings for Karla are real and intense, and he’ll take her any way he can. He is so passionate and needy when he’s with her.

“Don’t pretend like you can’t feel what’s between us…I’ve been deep inside you, Karla. I know who you are and you know who I am. You’re just too scared to admit it.”

I liked the way Lee challenged Karla, forcing her to see that life is not simply black and white. In turn, she challenges him to see that he could live an honest life.

“Hurting with you is better than a painless life without you.”

This novel was full of chemistry, banter, desperation, and hope. Such wonderful writing! I absolutely adored it!!

CROSS MY HEART bonus novella #5.75 (reviewed April 2017)

This was a very satisfying little novella about Liam Cross, the youngest Cross brother in this series.

“Liam was the first person in forever who’d managed to break past my walls.”

Iris is a squatter. She’s been homeless since leaving the foster care system. She’s all alone in the world with only an imaginary version of David Bowie keeping her company. She was given a job by Lee Cross in his restaurant, no questions asked about her personal circumstances. She keeps herself to herself but that doesn’t mean she’s never noticed the gorgeous Liam Cross.

“Why are you so nice to me?”
“Because I like you. And because for some reason I desperately want to make those sad eyes of yours happy.”

Liam is now a reformed petty criminal and a fully-fledged copper. He noticed Iris from the first moment he saw her. He makes her nervous and when he seems to seek her company, she can’t understand what draws him to her.

“You’re closed tight as a bank vault, Iris. You’re closed tight because you’ve been let down too many times.”

When her living circumstances change, Iris slowly starts to blossom under the Cross family protection, Liam’s friendship, and finally finding some happiness and a sense of belonging.

I adored this story! It was a little bit sad, sweet, sexy and hopeful. Liam was such a lovely, caring, observant guy and just what Iris needed in her life.

THIEF OF HEARTS # 5 (reviewed Oct 2016)

Having met Stu Cross in previous novels of this series, I must say that I was pretty indifferent to him. However, the author has thoroughly managed to win me over! In the previous books, he comes across as a bit simple but he’s quite the opposite!

“Every day you’re deeper under my skin, and I have no clue how deep I am under yours.”

Andrea Anderson is a teacher at an adult education centre. Widowed at a young age, she’s coped with her grief by trying to give back to the community. She lives with her socially-awkward cousin, and in debt up to her eyeballs. The day that ex-con, Stu Cross, walks into her class, she feels an unexpected frisson towards him.

“I wanted to be his soft place, his safe place, more than I wanted anything else.”

Stu has joined the class with an ulterior motive. However, he never expected Andrea and how he would start to feel about her. He’s a gifted mathematician but feels unworthy and dumb due to his dyslexia.

“Stu Cross made me feel alive. So much so that it took him coming into my life to make me realise I hadn’t been living. I’d been imprisoned in the past, hiding behind a future that was lost to me.”

Even though she knows it’s wrong, Andrea can’t help but be swept away by Stu’s persistence and charisma, and I absolutely adored the development of their relationship.

Andrea is pretty strong, independent, kind, and altruistic, but also almost innocent when it comes to sex. Stu has a wealth of life experience, which has hardened him. Andrea is something of a revelation to him. I loved their tangible chemistry and Stu’s obvious desire for her. I adored his alpha tendencies and dirty mouth, and the fact that he can push Andrea out of her comfort zone, and reveal the little sex kitten under her librarian exterior. I loved how beautiful he made her feel.

“You shouldn’t always dismiss things before they’ve had a chance to wow you. If you do, you’ll miss everything that’s wonderful in the world.”

As with other works by this author, I just fell in love with her characters, plot, and writing style. It’s so readable, fun, sexy, and tender. I can’t say enough good things about her books!! Wonderful story!

I honestly can't wait for the final book in this series, Hearts on Air, coming out in a few months. I'll be so forlorn when it's all over!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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